stationwagon (stationwagon) wrote,

this happened a few weeks ago...

i was outside the Damen stop train station, handing out flyers, and the CTA worker who is sweeping the sidewalk asks me what i'm doing. i tell him i'm handing out flyers for my band. he asks "who is going to play the guitar?" and i tell him that i am.

then then asks, "what is this car?"

and i say, "it's a hearse"

he asks again, not understanding me, "what is this car?"

and i say again, "it's a hearse...FUNERAL COACH"

he looks scared, quickly shakes his head "no" and hands me back the flyer.
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you should've been like "YO! CHLX SON!"
Sounds like a crackhead to me...but thats just me...I dunno. Either way, he might have had an innate fear of the the orange drink, or midnight drink...or the dreaded redbus, and he just smelled it all over you.

Either way, he don't know what he's missin..