stationwagon (stationwagon) wrote,

The Big Horse Lounge Show - 11/19/4

sorry for taking so long to post. i just got a job at bank of america and have been quite busy with training. it is 12/4/4 and this entry is backdated.

on 11/19 orange drink played its first show in chicago, illinois. there were roughly 18 people in attendance. the opening band did not show up, so it was just us and the Big Horse staff. it went really well. i had a great time.

here is the set list:

1) falling out of a window
2) never coming home
3) sleeping is not a crime
4) apparition
5) so now then
6) the economist
7) sunshine

there were musical interludes in between each song. there was also some audience banter and puppeteering. here is a photograph taken by the number one orange drink fan, audra, who flew in from richmond, virginia for the show.
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