stationwagon (stationwagon) wrote,

PETA drinks vegan orange drink for breakfast

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has agreed to send promotional material to orange drink for distribution to orange drink fans at shows. this is our first "corporate sponsorship" of sorts, and i'm very excited about it. they will send stickers and informational pamphlets (propaganda). the official orange drink stance will be to support vegetarianism, but never (hopefully) to chastise anyone's meat-eating ways. tolerance is a two-way street. PETA is certainly a controversial organization in that regard. they have been very helpful to me; when i first decided to become vegetarian, their starter kit helped me get excited about my decision and help ease the initial anxiety i had about it. my mother helped me with some of the recipies found in the starter kit, and i remember us thinking, "wow, i had no idea vegetarian food could be this good!"
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