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destroy orange drink

20 June
hello! this is the LiveJournal for the band Orange Drink. check out our interests and see if we catch your fancy. the band is based out of Chicago, IL and has a rotating cast of members. have a good one.
80's music, adbusters, aimee mann, akira, alaska, albert finney, alexisonfire, anti-globalization, anticon, aphex twin, apple computers, argyle socks, austin stephens, bass guitar, batman: the animated series, beards, bears, beck, ben folds, ben folds five, blonde redhead, board games, boogie nights, brace face, broken hearts club, calculator watches, capcom vs. snk 2, captain planet, cassette tapes, cats, charles bukowski, chess, chopsticks, chris cunningham, clue, cockroaches, colonel mustard, conservation, consumer culture, critical thinking, death, diaries, documentary, dogs, donnie darko, drums, economics, ed templeton, emerica, encyclopedia brown, etymology, experimental film, faith no more, feminism, film, fiona apple, flannery o'connor, fraiser, fugazi, funeral homes, geoff rowley, godspeed you! black emperor, guitar, human rights campaign, improv comedy, interpol, japan, japanese culture, john mahoney, jon brion, journals, joyce carol oates, juliana hatfield, julianne moore, kelsey grammer, kill bill, logic, magnolia, mark romanek, martial arts, math, medeski martin and wood, medieval times, michel gondry, miles davis, minor threat, misfits, mohawks, moustaches, music, nachos, nintendo, of life and lithium, older men, orange drink, p.t. anderson, pearl jam, philosophy, piano, pinball, ping-pong, pizza, playstation, poker, portishead, postmodern art, predicate logic, prefuse73, punch drunk love, punk rock, puppets, radiohead, redbus, rene magritte, salvador dali, scrapbooks, sifl and olly, silence, silverfoxes, six feet under, skateboarding, smashing pumpkins, socks, sonic youth, spiders, spike jonze, squarepusher, straight edge, suicide, super nintendo, sushi, switchblade sisters, symbolic logic, tennis, the ring, the shining, tiny toon adventures, tony hawk's pro skater, tortoise, toy machine, trivial pursuit, turbo grafx 16, vcr, vegetarianism, vibraphones, video games, volcom, waking life, welcome the plague year, you are the drum